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Weight Loss Injections


Weight–loss injections are prescription medications that are used to help people who are struggling with excess weight to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

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Gastric bypass reduces food intake and alters gastrointestinal hormones, which leads to a significant and sustained weight loss. A gastric bypass divides the large stomach into two separate stomachs. The stomach is first reshaped into a smaller pouch (proximal pouch of the stomach), then disconnected from the first part of your small intestine (creating the Short Intestinal Roux Limb) and reattached to the second part (Roux Limb). The remaining becomes a larger separate lower pouch. The small gastric pouch allows food to bypass a significant portion of the digestive system and then limits the amount of food a person can eat during a meal while still maintaining the same “full” or “satisfied” feeling.

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During a gastric sleeve, a smaller stomach is created by removing two thirds of the stomach. The remaining portion is shaped into a tube or a sleeve. Removing two-thirds of the stomach causes a restriction in the amount of food and calories a gastric sleeve patient can consume. The removed part of the stomach produces a hormone called ghrelin, which causes the feeling of hunger. The stomach now holds less food and reduces the production of ghrelin; thus, a patient still maintains the same “full” or “satisfied” feeling.

Unlike gastric bypass, there is no rearranging of the intestines, and malabsorption generally does not occur. The pylorus, part of the stomach that connects to the small intestine, is still preserved, and “The Dumping Syndrome” is not as common.

Gastric sleeve patients must avoid foods that are high in fat and calories to attain a healthy weight post-surgery.

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